IF THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY-call 911 - Do not avoid emergency medical care for fear of cost.

If you have a health care related question and need to speak to a health practioner-contact your doctor. If you don't have a doctor, please contact your local community health center or area hospital.

If you are an individual and want to find out if you are eligble for Commonweatlh Care and/ or have questions about getting insured AND you have reviewed our Basics section and our Guide for Artists, contact: Health Care For All's Help Line: 1-800-272-4232 (this help line is for individuals only)

If you are a business- DO NOT CALL The Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) HELPLINE FOR ASSISTANCE - We have documented proof that calling the DUA helpline for Fair Share Contribution (FSC) help in filling out the online forms or for general FSC questions triggers an audit and information gathered on such calls to the helpline is used as evidence in a DUA FSC audit/investigation.* Please contact us via the below contact information.

To keep our cost down, we do not send mailings to individuals or organizations (VIA US Postal Service). Join the free list-serve on this site to be kept up to date on Health Care issues.

Healthcare for Artists
PO Box 382419
Cambridge, MA 02238
hfainfo (at)

***(email is the quickest way to reach us)

If you feel compelled and want to volunteer, donate resources, help pass legislation that will benefit artists, and/or have suggestions for this site- please contact us and join this site's list-serve!



We are monitoring and advocating for the artists population on the health care reform law and we need to know what is working and what is not working with the law implementation and the new health care options. Several artists across the state have been alerting us to problems they have encountered and as a result we have been able to help fix these issues not only for the those artists, but we have also been able to work to fix the issues "through out the system". Please email us if you have or are experiencing difficulties or have had a good experience for that matter. All the information is kept confidential. Please email us: hfainfo (at)

Tell us if the site is helpful or you have questions about sections, etc., please email us at feedback (at) *Please include your name, the city where you live, and your phone number, so we can reply appropriately. Thank you.


By signing up to this site's listserve you will be notified of updates to the site and other health care related information/news/ If you would like to send us information to be considered for the Healthcare for Artists' list serve please refer to the guidelines below:

FAQ's for the listserv

How do I get my reception information sent out to this listserv?
Sorry, but we do not send out listings for receptions or any art related events to this list. It is only for health care related information.

What do you accept for consideration to be sent to this listserv?
The types of information that will be considered is information that is information that is directly related to health care programs, services, legislation, public meetings, and public health notices from health care providers (community health centers, hospitals). We do not send out advertisements from private health insurance companies for their products. Nor will we send out promotional emails for fundraisers for health care providers (A call for artists to donate work for a fundraiser for a healthcare provider- that request could be sent to the Artists Foundation's list serve for This list serve is ONLY for health care related information.

How do I get my information sent out to this listserv?
You can email us the information you would like us to consider sending to this list. We ask that you make sure the information is clear and concise. One format to use is a listing format: who, what, when, where, contact info/person, how to get there, if there is a cost and other details. Please do not send us your information in an attachment. We will not open attachments sent to us, nor will we send out attachments to our list. What you would like us to send out must be able to be sent and contained as text in a body of an email. No Exceptions.

Healthcare for Artists reserves the right to edit all request to our list-serve and the right to refuse to forward information to our list serve.

Please send your mailing list inquiries to: listrequest (at)