Welcome to the Healthcare For Artists free email list serve. By joining our free list serve you will receive important information ONLY about health care issues such as updates on the Massachusetts Health Care Reform law- its requirements and programs, public hearings and meetings for Health Care Reform, key legislation on Health Care Reform (state and national), and other health care related information.

We do not sell or share our list with other organizations. Nor do we sell it to other organizations. (Special note to Comcast email/Internet account holders: Comcast has in the past blocked email from the AF's other list serve, thus we recommend that you set a free email account on Hotmail.com or Yahoo.com to use as you email address to ensure you receive emails from this free list serve.)

Note this list serve is only for health care related information and is different from the Artists Foundation free list serve- we urge you to join both!

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If you would like to send us information to be considered for the Healthcare for Artists' list serve please refer to the guidelines below:


How do I get my reception information sent out to this list serve?
Sorry, but we do not send out listings for receptions or any art related events to this list. It is only for health care related information.

What do you accept for consideration to be sent to this list serve?
The types of information that will be considered is information that is directly about health care programs, services, legislation, public meetings, public health notices from health care providers (community health centers, hospitals). We will not send out advertisements from private health insurance companies for their products. Nor will we send out promotional emails for fundraisers for health care providers (call for artists to donate work for a fundraiser for a healthcare provider- that request could be sent to the Artists Foundation's list serve for consideration- www.artistsfoundation.org).

How do I get my information sent out to this List Serve?
You can email us the information you would like us to consider sending to this list. We ask that you make sure the information is clear and concise. One format to use is a listing format: who, what, when, where, contact info/person, how to get there, if there is a cost etc. Please do not send us your information in an attachment. We will not open attachments sent to us, nor will we send out attachments to our list. What you would like us to send out must be able to be sent as text in a body of an email. No Exceptions.

The Artists Foundation, who administers this site, reserves the right to edit and to not forward requests to our list serve.

Please send your mailing list inquiries to: listrequest@healthcareforartists.org