A Guide for Individual Massachusetts Artists Working in all Disciplines and for the Self-employed to Navigate Health Care Reform (aka the Don't Panic Guide)


BUT, given the uncertainty with the Trump administration's support of the ACA, we strongly recommend that artists who have hard to determine income DO NOT enroll or sign up for any program/health insurance plan via the Connector's website or phone lines. Only use the Connector as a way to research your options. This is very important. It is best if you talk to a seasoned enrollment specialist from Health Care for All's FREE Helpline (1-800-272-4232) or enroll through an health care advocate at a health center, health agency or hospital to see if you are first eligible for a subsidized health plan and if you find out that you are not eligible THEN use the Connector to enroll in a non subsidized health plan. It is important to be able to have an enrollment specialist to be able to advocate on your behalf or with you if something does not go smoothly with your enrollment.

The information on this site is intended only for educational purposes and is not meant to be legal and/or tax advice. All information on this site may be reproduced for educational purposes with permission from Healthcare for Artists. No permission is needed for it to be downloaded/printed out for individual use. If you have questions after reviewing the information provided on this site, it is best to call an enrollment specialist or a staff person at a designated state agency or advocacy organization.