Welcome to the HealthcareforArtists.org, an artist run website for Massachusetts artists of all disciplines and artist run organizations. This site acts as an outreach/advocacy tool and is indebted to the Artists Health Care Working Group for all of its support and help.

This free site is for individual artists working in all disciplines and artist run organizations to aid them in navigating the Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA or also known as the Obama Care) its requirements and programs, and the existing available health care options.

We are using a broad and inclusive definition of artists working in all disciplines. It encompasses: visual artists, musicians, composers, writers, poets, playwrights, new media artists, film makers, crafts people, actors, singers, performance artists, graphic designers, lighting designers, dancers, choreographers, and the like. Individual artists are the foundation that makes our society and the creative economy thrive and grow. Without the individual artists there would be no art of any kind to present and experience. It is that simple.

The ACA, its requirements and programs, is thus far in place under the new Trump Adminstration. We are asking visitors to subscribe to Health Care for All's Blog for updates on the ACA and what you need to know and do to navigate it.

The information on this website should not be used as a replacement for talking to an enrollment specialist and/or a staff person at a designated state agency or a designated advocacy organization. It is only meant to act as preparatory information and is not meant to be legal and/or tax advise. If you have questions after reviewing the information provided on this site, it is best to call an enrollment specialist or a staff person at a designated state agency or advocacy organization. All information on this site may be reproduced for educational purposes with permission from Healthcare for Artists. No permission is needed for it to be downloaded/printed out for individual use.



This is an artist run web site and is run by inkind donation of time and resources. Thank you to the following: Liz Nofziger (www.nofzilla.com) for her invaulable help with the web site design, Kathleen Bitetti for the web site design, content generation & upkeep (www.kathleenbitetti.com), Bill Fields of HealthPlan Solutions for his ongoing guidance on small business issues, and to Stu Sherman (www.StuSherman.com) for his legal & health care policy guidance in the launch of the site in 2007.

Special thanks to Sophia Solar Michalski for providing the seed funding to secure the domain name for this site and the funds for its promotional materials.

This site was last updated 2/2/17.